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by Tim Bogen and Doug Walsh

One thing we know about Conker’s Bad Fur Day is that it is tough. Damn tough. There are some little glitches in camera angles and control that can really hinder your play, but mostly there are a few times when you can either do a lot of "aimless wandering" (as Conker says), or you can consult a walkthrough of some kind. I was really excited to get the OSG for Conker just in time to help me figure out what to do after I killed the poo king.

Unfortunately, the OSG isn’t all that great. It will help you get through the game, and it will help you do that faster, but the most frustrating thing about the guide is how lame most of the strategies are. For example, when fighting the mad scientist Tediz in the Casualty Dept., the guide actually says to "stay in third person mode and shoot from the hip." Trying the strategy, I ran around, shooting in all directions and not hitting much until I died. In reality, the best strategy seems to be to stay where you are, get in first person mode, and pick off those nasty little stuffed bears one by one with the crosshairs. Every time I used my strategy, I passed the level with no sweat, and not losing a single piece of chocolate.

There are just too many other sections like that, where the strategy given in the guide is either not explained very well or just not the best strategy. Because the strategies are generally not explained very well, I found that a couple of the online walkthroughs, available for free, were actually more detailed and useful. When you couple that with a lack of cheat codes, this strategy guide doesn’t hold up. And I know from conversations with OSG writers that they often try to make the guide fit well with the game – adopt a similar style of discourse, humor, horror, whatever. Well, the Conker’s Bad Fur Day OSG ain’t like that. It’s dry, straightforward, and doesn’t capture the irreverence, humor, or profanity of the game. I don’t know how much I would have wanted from this book, but I know I wanted more.

Shawn Rider


Ups: Maps; tips.

Downs: Strategies aren't the best; really dry prose.

System Reqs:
For use with N64 version of Conker's Bad Fur Day.

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