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by Pelican Accessories

gharge&go.jpg (3568 bytes)It’s the plague of the 21st Century – Power. Fans of portable gaming have sung the battery blues for long enough. Although the Game Boy Color gets much better mileage out of its power cells, hardcore GBC enthusiasts still find themselves replacing batteries more often than they’d like. Pelican Accessories arrives on the scene with a new gadget that seeks to fix the everpresent problem of dead batteries. The Charge ‘N Go gives you a convenient way to keep your GBC all charged up and ready to play.

The Charge ‘N Go looks a lot like a portable telephone rest. The kit comes with two rechargeable nicad batteries, a replacement battery cover for your GBC, and a base. Pop the nicads into your GBC, slap on the nifty recharger battery cover, and set your GBC in the rest on the base for the initial charge. About 12 hours later your unit will be all revved up for a good 10-12 hours of gameplay. After the initial charge, your batteries should juice back up in about 8 hours.

One of the problems with using nicad batteries is the fact that they develop memory. If you don’t completely drain them before each charge, you will eventually not be able to get a full chage on the batteries. That fact has led to the premature death of millions of nicads. Fortunately, Pelican has included a "drain battery" function that makes sure you always get a full charge on your batteries and extends the life of the rechargeable nicads even further.

The exchange loop would get bogged down if you could only recharge your batteries in the GBC. What do you do while your GBC is tied up recharging your nicads? Pelican has thought of that, too, and provided a whole other recharge port for two AA batteries. That way you can always have a fully charged set of batteries ready for those marathon gaming sessions.

The whole unit is very solid, simple, and convenient. It comes in the same colors as the latest translucent GBC models, so you can find the one that perfectly matches your unit. There’s nothing quite like picking your GBC up out of the cradle on the way out the door in the morning, fully assured that your batteries are in tip-top shape. With a suggested retail price of $14.99, we can't think of a better way to spend our money. Get thee to your videogame accessory supplier.

Shawn Rider


Ups: Convenient; stylish; really usefu; great pricel.

Downs: Beats us.

System Reqs:
For use with Game Boy Color.


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