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Project Gotham

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Due Fall 2001 for Xbox.

Project Gotham hopes to be the next Gran Turismo. Focusing on a "photo-realistic" graphics style, this game will put you behind the wheel of twenty different cars, and have you racing down more than 300 city-based circuits. What?!? So many tracks! There are supposed to be over 100 individual and head-to-head racing challenges, and a whole separate arcade mode. You can rae against three friends, and choose your time-of-day and weather. Bizarre Creations cautions us to expect hundreds of hours of gameplay out of this bad boy.

In Project Gotham, you’re rewarded based on style, dexterity, and ultimate success. You get more "Kudos" if you drive with some real flair and take some chances. The vehicles are all licensed, although we don’t know which manufacturers are represented yet. "High performance" manufacturers, no doubt. While there are over 300 circuits to race, they all take place in four cities, London, Tokyo, San Francisco, and New York. These cities have been modeled to represent reality, and are rounded out with actual radio stations and DJs to pump out the local tunes.

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