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Due Fall 2001 for Xbox.


Nightcaster puts you into the role of Arran, a young wizard who must rid the world of eternal night. How do you do that? With lots of third-person spell combat and exploration. There are over 40 spells in four schools of magic – Light, Dark, Fire, and Water – to learn, and they’re all rendered in beautiful 3D. The spell combat is supposed to be an integral part of this game. Nightcaster will also make use of the dual analog control sticks to enhance movement and make combat more fast and furious. VR-1 has made use of dynamic lighting and Direct Music to lend just the perfect vibe to a scene. There are over 30 types of creatures to fight against, as you make your way through what is supposed to be a densely layered storyline, with plenty of subquests and cool NPCs. If all goes well, the Xbox could debut with a few really nice RPGs. So far Nightcaster looks like it could be one of them.

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