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Fuzion Frenzy

Due Fall 2001 for Xbox.


Look out Sonic Shuffle – Microsoft is getting into the party game act. However, thankfully, this isn’t just another board game rip-off. Fuzion Frenzy is a "non-stop party game with an edge." That’s some PR writing for you there. Apparently that means six arenas in which you play a "futuristic street sport" and more than 45 mini-games with up to three of your closest friends. Sound good? Well, it don’t sound bad, that’s for sure. The game is supposed to be highly customizable and have dynamic environments so it changes each time you play it. We’ll check it out more at E3. For now, check out these screens.

bumpercars-v1.jpg (3420 bytes) bumpercars-v3.jpg (3542 bytes)
bumpercars-v4.jpg (3136 bytes) clusteroids-v1.jpg (5380 bytes)
driller2.jpg (4393 bytes) boats1.jpg (3132 bytes)
grab0010.jpg (5185 bytes) grab0004.jpg (4798 bytes)
grab0020.jpg (6267 bytes) hopper1.jpg (3526 bytes)
hopper3.jpg (4711 bytes) scratch-v1.jpg (3669 bytes)

Shawn Rider


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