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Due Spring 2003 for Gamecube and PS2.

29_running_face2.jpg (7212 bytes)I have to tell you that what excites me most about RTX: Red Rock is that it is a non-Star Wars property. There was a time when LucasArts was synonymous with fantastic games regardless of the genre. In that mythical, joyous time LucasArts spent their efforts developing boundary-pushing titles with immersive narratives like Full Throttle (which will get a sequel in another year or so), The Dig, and Grim Fandango. In the last few years it seems they’ve gotten away from almost anything non-Star Wars and instead are creating games that are largely derivatives of other titles. (Does anyone out there remember ‘Star Wars Demolition?’) I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to see some of their incredible talent being funneled into developing some non-Star Wars based properties.

14_robot3.jpg (7302 bytes)RTX Red Rock really has the feel of a Metal Gear Solid for the whole family. In the game you play Eugene Zeno "E.Z." Wheeler, a ‘Radical Tactics Expert.’ In the wake of an Alien invasion on earth, contact has been lost with the Mars colony. It’s your job to figure out what’s happened and save what survivors you can. Your main gadget is a synthetic arm that works as both a tool and a weapon. Numerous upgrades for the arm will be available throughout the game. You will also be able to drive some of the vehicles located throughout the game and put the robots to work for you.

35_backrooms_face2_HUD.jpg (7351 bytes)RTX will be a combination of action and puzzle solving. It looks to have a fairly high level of interaction, and the number of gadgets at your disposal is seemingly limitless. RTX also promises a multi player mode with head to head battles, including capture the flag and vehicular racing. I am genuinely excited about the promise of this game. The graphics looked pretty good at this early stage in the game, so I’m hopeful that things will be really impressive when this title arrives next spring on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube.

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Jason Frank (06/01/2002)