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SATIRE - Atari Makes a Splash at E3
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date posted: 04:59 PM Sat Jan 1st, 2000
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By Shawn Rider

Infogrames created a buzz when they acquired Hasbro Interactive this past year, and at E3 the company showed off some of the new franchises they plan on developing. Perhaps the most exciting prospect is the return of Atari, a very hushed buzz floating around the Infogrames booth. Atari, venerable videogame maker and the company responsible for such classic games as Galaga, made a splash at this year's E3 with their latest title: Water Bottle.

While Water Bottle garnered a line of gamers, almost everyone got a taste of what the company had to offer. Most gamers in attendance had only positive comments about the Atari Water Bottle, although some complained that it was way too short. Indeed, the bottle contained only half as much as the average bottled water, although it is not at all unusual for companies to showcase partial builds of new titles.

The basic controls are fairly standard. The Water Bottle comes with a screw-top cap, and uses the time-tested gravity system of water flow. From what we saw at E3, the title supports an almost unlimited number of players. Another intriguing aspect of the product is its ability to contain any kind of water, or any other kind of fluid for that matter, making it a truly multi-platform endeavor. In addition, our PC editors had no trouble enjoying the Atari Water Bottle alongside our Console writers, indicating cross-platform compatability.

So far, Water Bottle features the classic Atari graphics we've all come to know and love. Infogrames was tight-lipped about any details of the project. An Infogrames developer confirmed that the French gaming conglomerate would be doing something with the franchise, but couldn't give any further comment. Still, from our extensive demo of the new Atari product, we were very impressed. We look forward to seeing more about this exciting new title next year, as with the increased effects of global warming on the environment LA is bound to be just a shade hotter, making us all a little more thirsty for innovative gaming.