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Nintendo in Talks With Sega?
December 27, 2000


According to an article published in the New York Times today, Nintendo may be discussing a buy-out with Sega. However, it's a tricky situation, and it seems that neither side is ready to publicly confess to such negotiations if they are going on. The New York Times article reports:

     "According to executives close to the negotiations, the two companies are holding discussions that could lead to Nintendo acquiring Sega for about $2 billion, though the terms of the transaction are still being negotiated.
     The talks have been going on in fits and starts for months, the executives said, and the deal could still collapse.
     A Sega spokesman, Munehiro Umemura, strongly denied a deal was in the works. He said the idea was 'absolutely outrageous' and used a Japanese word that can mean unfounded rumor or outright falsehood.
     A spokesman for Nintendo laughed when asked whether the companies were in talks. 'In this industry there are various kinds of rumors.'"
Read the whole article here.

To further underscore their denial, both Sega and Nintendo came out with press releases today. We'll post these as soon as they become available, but GameWeek has posted a few choice quotes:

     "According to Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi, 'the information reported by some overseas media that our company will buy out Sega is all wrong, and we express with 100 percent certainty that our company will not buy out Sega.'
   Sega commented, 'The report that Nintendo is in talks with Sega to buy us out is groundless and Sega flatly denies the report.'"

Sega currently sits at second place in the console game market, garnering approximately 18% of game and hardware sales. Although the company would like to be doing better, this story may still never amount to anything. After all, a few months ago we heard rumors that Sega was in negotiations with Microsoft, and that never came to fruition. We'll just have to hold on and wait.

Shawn Rider


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