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Malice from Argonaut Games PLC
Included in Xbox Demo


2nd-clockwork-comp.jpg (5430 bytes)Argonaut Games plc is delighted to have one of its forthcoming games, Malice: A Dark and Comic Fiery Tale, used as a demonstration of the power of the Xbox™ video game console during Bill Gates' keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan 6th 2001.

big-n-little-alice.jpg (5761 bytes)Argonaut's uniquely talented team of developers have been able to exploit the enormous computational and graphical performance of the Xbox to create a state-of-the-art proprietary video game engine, named "Shadow-Caster".*

hammer-swing.jpg (5546 bytes)With the Shadow-Caster engine running on the Xbox our designers have been able to fully realise Malice’s beautiful surreal world. With substantially enhanced levels of gameplay, graphics and audio, Malice delivers a new level of videogaming experience.

"Malice" is a dark and comic modern-day-myth of cataclysmic proportions. With a character driven, quest based plot, rich in detail, sumptuous in visual humour, it's a unique, fast paced and challenging 3D action adventure game.

heroic-pose-alice.jpg (3314 bytes)J Allard, general manager Xbox platform and third-party relations, said "the power and potential of the Xbox is beautifully realised in Argonaut's hugely impressive game demonstration."

Jez San said "We're proud to have had one of our new titles chosen by Microsoft as a public demonstration of the astounding capabilities of the Xbox."

About Shadow-Caster

JuJu_Cave.jpg (3832 bytes)The Shadow-Caster engine supports fully real-time high resolution textured, shaded, bump and specularity mapped worlds, with multiple-coloured lighting and shadows that cast over everything within a scene be it interior or exterior.

About Malice: A Dark and Comic Fiery Tale

In a strange forest,
an even stranger kid,
meddling where she shouldn't,
unleashes a sick and twisted
molten Fire God into the World;
Malice Incarnate!
A giant nuclear fur-ball, all sharp teeth and smouldering eyes...

Leaving a trail of warped and fragile reality in its wake, the new-born Demon-God threatens to destroy all of Malice's surreal and magical worlds.

Our young heroine must battle through 30 fiendish levels, defeating the Fire God's nefarious cohorts and gathering the magic skills she'll need to somehow shoehorn all the Evils back into their box...

spotlight1.jpg (3673 bytes)In a journey to defeat the ancient Fire God, the player gets to play multiple evolutions of their character & finally become a magical Cat-Goddess to defeat a fiery Dog-God gone mad. Environments are set on fire, flooded, torn apart & turned upside down as our character learns to manipulate Wood, Water, Metal, Earth & Fire, using bizarre & wondrous weapons like the Mace of Clubs, the Clockwork Hammer & the Quantum Tuning Fork through unique environments like the pyromaniacal Glowurm Kingdom, the world drowning Fountain of Tears, an over-clocked Clockwork Maze, & the Iron fortress-nests of the Crow Assassin Guild & their Fire God master, hell bent on mutating any and every creature into an evil counter-version of itself.

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