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Roq-it MP3 Player

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by D-Link

D-Link has built on its DMP series of MP3 players with the Roq-it 32 featuring an LCD display, digital quality playback, equalizer and USB interface with 12 Mbps of bandwidth for music file transfers. The Roq-it 32 uses a USB 1.1 compliant connection for transferring audio files and the player includes an expandable SmartMedia memory card that provides 128MB of additional memory.

The LCD display includes info for playtime, track, number, battery status and encoded Kbps information is stabilized with an on/off hold switch that prevents accidental changes if one of the buttons are accidentally bumped during play. The Roq-it 32 also employs one of four preset equalizer modes for Normal, Jazz, Rock and Classical music.

The Roq-it 32 includes easy to use management software for music transfer to the player. Additionally, there’s bundled software, including Audio Catalyst, that’s provided to enable users to encode MP3 files from audio CD's, organize music libraries, and listen to MP3 Audio.

Out-of-the-box convenience is provided by the inclusion of all necessary items, such as a USB cable, CD-ROM with drivers and software, 1 x AA Alkaline battery, and earphones, are provided for a complete Digital Audio package.  No moving parts either!

On the downside, there’s no listing of track names available and the Roq-it lacks any sort of clip-on device to attach it.  While the overall look of the Roq-it is austere, it’s an improvement over previous D-Link players.  Despite the lack of stylish design, the D-Link is a more-than-capable MP3 player with efficient file transfer and capable features for around $80. 

Al Wildey   (11/23/2001)


Ups: Affordable and efficient MP3 player.

Downs: A basic, stripped-down player--even lacks a clip!

System Reqs: USB transfer of MP3 files.


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