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George Holomshek, Staff Writer
email: george[AT]gamesfirst.com
user imageBorn and raised in a small town in Idaho, George\'s love for playing videogames was fueled by a rather tasty diet of trout and potatoes. After his young hands mastered the art of pressing the A-button rapidly enough to make Mario swim, the world was his burrito. Paying his way into college by showing off his ability to speed run Zelda games, he soon met GamesFirst! writer Blaine. After a grueling job interview, part of which involved boiling oil and 47 bullfrogs, George became a part of the GF! crew. George is currently working on his degree in Forest Products-Business Management with a minor in Public Relations at the University of Idaho and tends to act as the unofficial \"Nintendo Guy\" for GamesFirst! George is a Zeldaphile and also plays a good amount of World of Warcraft. If you see him running around as the priest Pullus on the Ysera server, feel free to ask for a buff.
George Holomshek has written 72 articles.
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