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The Zelda That Never Was
game: Zelda III: The Triforce Saga
posted by: Aaron Stanton
date posted: 02:02 PM Fri Oct 28th, 2005
last revision: 02:09 PM Fri Oct 28th, 2005

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Click to read.Shortly after the rare Atari 2600 game Pepsi Invaders sold on eBay for $1825, another rare game cartridge showed up online: Zelda III. The story goes that a 19-year-old Canadian purchased an extremely rare development cartridge for the NES system containing an unfinished version of an unreleased Zelda III, officially called The Legend of Zelda III: The Triforce Saga.

The cartridge first came to light when the NES game showed up on eBay, but that\'s only the start of the story. What unfolded was a series of events that culminated in the cartridge being sold to someone for about $3000 dollars Canadian (about $2500 USD) that claimed to work for the Canadian development company Silicon Knights. Silicon Knights, for its part, subsequently issued a statement saying that they had no knowledge of the person, and had certainly not purchased the cartridge themselves. Is there an answer to this mystery? Who bought Zelda III? Was the cartridge ever real? There are not many answers at this point, but here\'s the rough time-line of events that we have so far.

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