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Infected: Unlockable Characters Announced
press release
posted by: Laurie Taylor
publisher: Majesco
developer: Planet Moon Studio
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date posted: 07:40 PM Wed Oct 19th, 2005
last revision: 07:39 PM Wed Oct 19th, 2005

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Click to read.Majesco has announced several exciting unlockable characters for Infected, the fast-paced shooter for the PSP. Announced unlockable characters for Infected include Bloodrayne and members of Slipknot. Given Infected\'s gruesome gameplay footage that mixes horror and Christmas, and given Infected\'s rocking soundtrack with several tracks from Slipknot, Infected is shaping up to be a major November release. We\'ll still have to see how Infected shapes up in light of World of Warcraft\'s adventures in virtual plagues, but it looks like it will be a great game and an important game for the PSP.

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