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Nintendo DS Trojan: Nintendophiles Get Bricks Too
posted by: Shawn Rider
date posted: 10:30 AM Tue Oct 11th, 2005
last revision: 10:57 AM Tue Oct 11th, 2005

Click to read.In a shocking turn of events (and just plain weird event in general), news comes to us through several sources of a Nintendo DS Trojan Horse Virus. A \"Trojan\" is a virus-like software that tricks the user into installing it on the target system. The malicious DS program masquerades as either \"hentai loader\", \"r0mloader.zip\", or \"taihen.zip\", and is designed to \'brick\' your Nintendo DS. The program promises to load either pirated game roms or hentai (a Japanese term for pornographic comics and cartoons) on your DS when loaded using a flash rom device, which makes it possible to run homebrew applications and games on the Nintendo DS.

Because a special piece of hardware is required, the homebrew and indy gaming scene for DS has been smaller than the scene for the PSP. However, there has always been an independent development scene for Nintendo\'s handhelds, and the DS has many features that are attractive to individuals with a love of tinkering and experimenting.

Of course, this news follows closely on the heels of news that a similar Trojan was released for Sony\'s PSP.

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