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Ubisoft Delays Ghost Recon
game: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Ubisoft
developer: Ubisoft
date posted: 02:57 PM Fri Oct 7th, 2005

Click to read.After making a stellar appearance at X05, Ubisoft\'s Tom Clancy\'s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter will be sliding back its Xbox 360 release date into the new year. Ubisoft announced today that the new Ghost Recon will release in February 2006. The delay of release date might be a bummer for fans, but Ubisoft claims the delay will not impact their revenue forecasts for the fiscal year. They know they\'ll sell a boatload of these.

And for those who have not been keeping up with the next-gen developments of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, here\'s the short story: In 2013 the Army has invested in a super-tech soldier system called Integrated Warfare System (IWS). Tom Clancy knows that the future is in P2P, even the future of warfare. In the game, players become IWS soldiers sent to Mexico City to combat \"an insurgence.\"

Ubisoft sent us two new screens from Advanced Warfighter: one is from the PC version and one is from the Xbox 360 version. Can you tell which is which? (View the full-size image, then right click and view image properties to read the image filename -- that will let you know which is which.)

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