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Video Game Politics for the Informed
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posted by: Aaron Stanton
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date posted: 02:49 PM Thu Sep 29th, 2005
last revision: 02:57 PM Thu Sep 29th, 2005

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Click to read.Sometimes the best source of news is from a blog, and when a good one shows up we\'re obligated to point it out. If you\'ve never heard of the Game Politics blog on LiveJournal, take note, because it\'s a website that should be a part of every serious gamer\'s morning ritual. The website focuses on news that pertains to video games in the political arena, like anti-game rallies, anti-game legislation, and anti-game personalities. At the moment the site is discussing, among other things, Eidos\'s decision to postpone the release of the hotly debated 25-to-Life until 2006. The \"cop-killer simulation\" has been a center for controversy in the mainstream media. If keeping yourself informed about the industry is important, this is a site you\'ll want to check regularly.

Among other jewels of information, including discussions of Arnold Schwarzenegger\'s pending decision to either sign or not sign an \"anti-video game\" bill into law in California, the site recently posted some wonderful quotes from the ever-lovable Jack Thompson. Jack Thompson is a lawyer that\'s active in video game legislation, and has a history of riling up gamer\'s whenever he has the opportunity.

Among my favorite quotes are:

Be sure to check out and then bookmark the site. Then pat yourself on the back for being an intellectual and a gamer at the same time.

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