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OrigenXbox360.com Countdown Ends, Secrets Revealed
posted by: Aaron Stanton
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date posted: 03:27 PM Tue Sep 27th, 2005
last revision: 05:25 PM Tue Sep 27th, 2005

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Click to read.For those of you that have been waiting anxiously for the viral marketing site Origenxbox360.com to drop leaves and grow fruit, you can relax now. The site finished its countdown to September 27th today, a countdown that\'s been punctuated over time by minute changes such as a bunny rabbit that came and went, and occasional fruit that appeared on the tree. Speculation has run wild on what was going to happen on September 27th, with people throwing out gems like the announcement of Halo 3 or an updated Halo 2 for the 360. The truth behind the countdown is not nearly so exciting, and apparently led to the opening of a European contest for an invite to some sort of Xbox 360 launch party. That whooshing sound you just heard? That\'s the sound of thousands of gamers sighing in disappointment.

The contest involves answering questions in order to enter, including a few that actually require you to think about a creative answer. So apparently it\'s about as exciting as the Mountain Dew advertising campaign for giving away things, only Mountain Dew makes it clearer exactly what you\'re entering and what you\'re entering for.

The general reaction to the site\'s true purpose has been less than enthusiastic, since there was a great deal of build-up previous to September 27th. It\'s not quite what people following the development of the site were hoping for (keep in mind that the site does not even seem to apply to gamers in the United States or Japan).

The original Ilovebees.com marketing campaign prior to the introduction of Halo 2 was a brilliant and interesting marketing move. Perhaps it\'s not nearly as entertaining when there\'s nothing really behind it.

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