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Ask Me About the Revolution
posted by: Aaron Stanton
publisher: Nintendo
date posted: 11:12 PM Thu Sep 22nd, 2005
last revision: 11:11 PM Thu Sep 22nd, 2005

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Click to read.Chris Kohler, contributor to Wired Magazine, had a chance to take Nintendo\'s Revolution for a run while he was at the Tokyo Game Show, and he\'s opened himself to questions. He\'s generously started a thread over on the Gaming-Age forums where he offers to answer people\'s requests for information. While the questions are not always great, Chris\'s responses are very informative, including discussing Metroid and how it felt on the controller. We personally don\'t recommend reading every post on the forum, but we do recommend that you scan down the page looking for every post by Kobun Heat, which is Chris Kohler\'s handle. You\'ll be able to tell which one it is, because it\'s the one with the image like on this one here. That\'s where the goodies are.

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