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Team Xbox Decodes OrigenXbox360.com?
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Microsoft
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date posted: 12:18 AM Sat Sep 10th, 2005
last revision: 12:18 AM Sat Sep 10th, 2005

Click to read.It looks like Team Xbox figured out the meaning of OrigenXbox360.com. By zooming in on the tree branch near the hole, they revealed a latin phrase, and with the help of a clever reader, they have formed a pretty strong argument that the OrigenXbox360.com site is advertising the September 27 announcement of HALO 3, which has been long-rumored to coincide with the release of the PlayStation 3.

The quick rundown is that the latin phrase shown in the image is:
in hoc spatio arbor noster floruit, fecundus pomies Elysii ignoti, qui in loco ludent electi, ab Originis angelis circumdati.

And Team Xbox translates that as:
In this space our tree has flourished abundant with the unknown fruits of Elysium, who will play in the chosen place, surrounded by the angels of Origen

One of their readers points out that Elysium is the birthplace of Master Chief. There\'s some other Greek mythology stuff thrown in there, and the short story is that all signs are pointing to an announcement about HALO on September 27. We agree with everyone else that most likely this is an announcement of the release date for HALO 3.

Of course, we can\'t be sure. Get the full story at TeamXbox.com and we\'ll all be waiting to find out what it is on September 27.

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