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Xbox 360 Rumors and Updates
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Microsoft
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date posted: 11:47 AM Fri Sep 2nd, 2005

Click to read.Over at OrigenXbox360.com, the clock keeps ticking, and the bunny is getting a little closer to the hole. (Is that a hole? Or just a weird shadow? We\'re so confused...) It looks like a couple of new apples have grown on the tree as well. We GET the Alice in Wonderland reference, but we\'re still confused about the countdown in the background...

Adding to our confusion is reports from Game Daily Biz that several anonymous sources have tipped off IGN and other outlets about a possible November 25 launch date for Xbox 360. That would coincide with \"Black Friday,\" typically thought to be the largest shopping day in the season (although any seasoned retailer will tell you that it is not nearly as big as the three days before Xmas). Amidst holiday discounts, timed sales, and mad bargain rushes, a Black Friday release date could lead to some serious retail chaos.

Finally, GameStop and EB Games have unveiled their new Xbox Live packages. The new packages are still offered at the month, three month, and year-long level, and the year of Xbox Live at $49.99 is still by far the best deal. The packages don\'t seem to have changed in price much, but pack-in a variety of extras including varying amounts of Xbox Live Marketplace points.

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