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PNY Ships VERTO GeForce 7800 GT Cards
press release
posted by: Shawn Rider
date posted: 06:39 PM Fri Aug 12th, 2005
last revision: 09:02 PM Fri Aug 12th, 2005

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PNY shipped their new GeForce 7800 cards today. Read more in the official press release here:


Delivers a New Standard for 3D Graphics

PARSIPPANY, N.J. - (August 12, 2005) Experience the power of Shader Model (SM) 3.0, High Dynamic-Range (HDR) lighting and Scalable Link Interface (TM) (SLI) with the new Verto? GeForce(TM) 7800 GT graphics card from PNY Technologies?, Inc. Based on the NVIDIA GeForce 7 series, PNY\'s Verto GeForce 7800 GT graphics cards can be purchased now from leading online retailers for a manufacturer\'s suggested retail price of $449.99.

\"The Verto GeForce 7800 GT powers gamers with the latest technology enabling them to maximize their performance with today\'s hottest 3D games,\" said Marca Armstrong, PNY Technologies senior marketing manager for PC systems. \"This graphics card packs a powerful performance punch delivering the industry\'s new standard for 3D graphics at a value. And with the dollars saved, gamers have the freedom to purchase additional performance-enhancing hardware from PNY including high-speed gamer memory, Netcell storage processor or PNY USB flash drive.\"

PNY Technologies\' Verto GeForce 7800 GT features:

A brand new programmable shader architecture, based on the award-winning GeForce 7800 GTX architecture from NVIDIA, with more than twice the shading horsepower of the previous generation;

Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SM 3.0 Technology for soft, realistic shadows;

128-bit precision for HDR to enhance the details of light and shadow;

Second-generation NVIDIA SLI technology, for higher performance and better image quality;

Second-generation NVIDIA PureVideo(TM) technology, for home theater-quality video on the PC;

Microsoft? \"Longhorn\" designed for next-generation operating systems; and

The industry\'s most stable driver architecture for rock-solid reliability and compatibility.

PNY\'s Verto GeForce 7800 GT capitalizes on the high-bandwidth, PCI Express(TM) bus architecture with support for NVIDIA\'s SLI technology. Plus, it features a 400MHz GPU clock; 256MB of GDDR3 memory with a 1GHz memory data rate; and comes equipped with DVI + DVI + VIDEO In/HDTV/S-Video outputs. PNY offers a three year warranty (one year standard with upgrade upon completion of registration form on PNY website).

PNY Technologies provides a comprehensive retail line of Verto graphics cards powered by cutting-edge, NVIDIA graphics technology. With multiple PCI Express bus, AGP bus (Accelerated Graphic Port) and PCI bus (Peripheral Component Interconnect) compatible cards, Verto\'s broad product line provides an ideal graphic card solution for amateurs to enthusiasts. PNY Technologies also offers hi-speed Verto memory upgrade modules and memory cooling kits.

For more information on product bundles, technical product support, FAQs and the latest up-to-date drivers, please visit PNY\'s Web site at http://www.pny.com.