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The Child's Play PS3 Gets a Second Chance
posted by: Aaron Stanton
date posted: 03:59 PM Thu Nov 30th, 2006
last revision: 05:18 PM Tue Dec 5th, 2006

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Just a few days ago, I was voted off of KISSFM 103.3\'s Mall Survivor, and my chance of winning a PS3 for Child\'s Play disappeared forever (you can read the backstory and hear our podcast about this here, if you want). But there\'s hope yet; if the gaming community steps forward, we might be able to help create one of the most memorable video game collector\'s item of all time: A brand new PS3 signed with the personal messages of Sony\'s rivals, Microsoft. The competition is down to two people, Brad and Hollan, and Hollan has said he\'ll consider donating the PS3 to Child\'s Play if he wins.

In short, we want to help Child\'s Play get that PS3, and that means voting for the person willing to consider donating it at all.

Here\'s what we\'re going to do if it does get donated. We\'re going to take the brand new PS3 to Microsoft in Redmond, Washington with an open invitation for the notable figures at Microsoft - Bill Gates, Major Nelson, J. Allerd, etc. - to sign the system with white ink in any way that they want. We\'ll see if we can cover the system with personal messages from Microsoft to Sony, a gauntlet thrown at Sony\'s feet at the start of 2007.

Then, we\'re going to take that extremely unique system, now a collector\'s item, and donate it to Penny Arcade to be auctioned off for Child\'s Play. Considering how rare PS3s are at the moment, and how rare having a system signed like that would be, we hope to raise some serious coin for sick children.

We already have a thumbs up from Penny Arcade, and we\'re talking to Microsoft to figure out who will sign the system, but we need your help.

We want to make sure that Hollan - the contestant considering giving us the system if he wins - does so by a landslide simply on the possibility of it going to Child\'s Play. He\'s not sure what he\'ll do if he wins the system yet, so we need to show him that not only are we paying attention and that we care, but that we care enough to influence how we vote.

Gamers have hearts, and let\'s make this one of our good deeds for the season.

Go to the contest website here on KISS 103.3 and vote for Hollan. Let\'s make sure that doing something right gets rewarded.

Editor\'s Note: It\'s good to note that Child\'s Play does not subtract any administrative fees of any kind from donations. 100% of what is donated goes to hospitals. It\'s also important to note that Hollan has not said for sure that he\'ll donate the system to Child\'s Play. It\'s just a possibility. However, some possibility is better than none, and I think if we can show him that the gaming community supports this with a strong vote... well, we\'ll see how it goes.

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