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Pre-E3: Sadness Preview
game: Sadness
posted by: George Holomshek
developer: Nibris
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date posted: 09:52 AM Sun May 7th, 2006
last revision: 09:51 AM Sun May 7th, 2006

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Click to read.When Nintendo came up with the idea for their next-gen controller, the whole idea was to shake up the gaming industry and get both gamers and developers thinking outside the box. Well, it didn\'t take long to get a reaction. The list of third-parties pledging their support for the Nintendo Wii is steadily growing and many are already going full boar with new and innovative ideas. Perhaps one of the most intriguing and mysterious projects we have heard about is Sadness, a new gothic-horror title from Polish developer Nibris.

While details on the new title have been scarce so far, what is known has piqued our interest here at GF! and left us looking forward to E3 that much more. Though Nibris has stayed fairly tight-lipped, we do know that the main attraction of Sadness is going to be its unique atmosphere. Set pre-World War (1914 for those of you too lazy to look it up), the game will be a tribute of sorts to pre WWI cinema and will sport a similar atmosphere. Going right along with this, Nibris has also stated that Sadness will be completely in black and white, or grayscale to be more specific. While the movie Sin City has been used as a reference, Nibris has stated that it will not be following in the footsteps of the film.

The other focus of the game will be on survival and fighting from the grips of utter insanity. Taken directly from the Nibris site: \"The study of fear and the borders of human imagination... A trip to the darkest corners of consciousness, in all of us... A trip to the hell of the subconscious and not necessarily to return...\". With a plot that surrounds narcolepsy and paranoid schizophrenia, there should be some serious scares to be had. In fact, Nibris describes Sadness as \"only for adult players with strong nerves.\"

Also, instead of giving you a gun and letting you plow through wave after wave of blood gushing enemies, Nibris has chosen a different path that will force you to use your surroundings and whatever you can find in them to your advantage. Imagine using a rock or stick to defend yourself, using a torch to drive rats away, or a piece of glass to slit the throat of a persecutor. You get the idea. Not having a conventional weapon at your side hopes to add to the suspense and overall creepiness of the game.

Of course, this is all going by what Nibris has told us about the game up till now. Without some hands on time with the game in a dark room, or even so much as a trailer, there is no way to tell exactly how scary Sadness will be or whether or not the gameplay will really lend itself to freaking you out. Nibris has, however, promised to unveil more info on Sadness, including the first trailer, as soon as next week. Look forward to more coverage then.

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