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The News of April Fool's Day
posted by: Aaron Stanton
date posted: 11:21 PM Sat Apr 1st, 2006
last revision: 01:22 PM Sun Apr 2nd, 2006

Click to read.April Fool\'s Day makes it difficult to take any news seriously.

Ever since internet magazines made it possible to target specific days of the month (monthly print magazines can eat their heart out), the first of April has been the game industry\'s least trustable day.

It\'s a phenomenon that\'s fairly unique to the tech industries. You won\'t find CNN posting fake news items, but you\'d be silly to trust any sensational news gleaned from the web during the 1st of the month if computers are involved.

It can be interesting to guess at which news items are real, and which are fakes. You\'d be surprised at the number of e-mails we received last year regarding a news report that Apple was releasing a portable game player designed to compete with the PSP and Nintendo DS. At the time, at least, there was no such thing. It wasn\'t ours, but it was our personal favorite from last year\'s pick of practical jokes.

This year, though, our top pick (aside from our own little gag, which we\'ve removed from the running) has to go to Arstechnica.com for their coverage of Duke Nukem Forever. Whether they are pulling our leg or not, pretty much the name Duke Nukem and the word \"Review\" appearing in a headline is enough to make it onto any practical joke list. (Hopefully that won\'t always be the case; Duke Nukem is a franchise we\'re all secretly cheering for.)

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