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Twoplayer Comic: Forum Boys
posted by: Aaron Stanton
publisher: GamesFirst Internet Magazine
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date posted: 02:34 PM Fri Mar 24th, 2006
last revision: 02:54 PM Thu Mar 23rd, 2006

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Forum Boys: they are the subject of a deep-felt and active vendetta on my part, no doubt the result of a damaging childhood experience. You\'ve met them online, even if you didn\'t know it at the time.

I like to refer to them as The Soulless, or alternatively, Forum Boys. I\'ve heard them referred to as Forums Trolls, but Forum Boys is infinitely more appealing to me. The term carries with it suggestive elements of the Forum Boy evolution. Forum Boys are those people that not only harbor rich veins of Fanboyism, but also spend their existence peppering online forums with tantrum-like sermons against people with alternative perspectives. They tend to respond with violent diatribes regardless of the moderation of the original posting; they\'re the enemy of the mild opinion.

You can\'t really be a Forum Boy without first being a Fanboy, and I like how the alliteration implies that. Forum Boy is a breed of Fanboy.

Forums can be a great source of information, but in terms of public opinion they are the executor of moderate perspective. Mild comments are often ignored, inflammatory ones form the catalysts of the most active discussions.

It\'s just the nature of the Internet.

However, more significant than my distaste of the ignorant and single-minded, is that Twoplayer comic is about to change. Twoplayer\'s extremely talented artist Noah Kroese is moving on to other projects. When we originally sat down to create a game comic for GamesFirst, all we had were a bunch of writers and some random ideas about how a comic should be formatted. Noah brought with him not only a unique artistic style, but an understanding of the comic format that only comes from taking his craft seriously. His distinctive artwork and sense of humor have helped define TP comics as it exists today.

Sadly, today\'s comic will be the last with Noah at the artistic helm, and marks the beginning of our search for a new artist for GamesFirst\'s flagship comic. Who knows how long that will take; we\'ll be sure to let you know when the time comes.

In the mean time, thanks again, Noah. Twoplayer won\'t be the same without your contribution.

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