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GPS and Competitive Features of Mobile Title ?The Shroud? Unveiled
game: The Shroud
posted by: George Holomshek
publisher: Your World Games
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date posted: 07:34 PM Mon Mar 20th, 2006
last revision: 07:34 PM Mon Mar 20th, 2006

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Click to read.Several months ago Your World Games announced the upcoming mobile role-playing game \"The Shroud\". In this ambitious new title, players will be immediately thrust into the role of a young hero, Taro, who must protect his farm and homeland from the vicious creatures of the Shroud. Taro\'s journey will find him farming and harvesting crops and livestock, fishing, mining, going on quests, battling evil creatures, and solving puzzles. It was also announced that the game would have GPS features, but few details were given.

More details have come into light as Your World Games recently unveiled the GPS and competitive gaming features of The Shroud. In addition to the single player campaign, players will also be able to use the GPS features of their mobile phones to activate in-game events by traveling to real life places. Hotspots for these events will be placed both at specific locations as well as randomly generated to ensure availability to players. It is reported that every person in a cellular network should be within 4-5 miles of a hotspot.

Upon arriving at a hotspot, or \"breach\" as the game calls it, a certain in-game event will be triggered. The player will then be presented with a challenge to complete. Challenges will vary in difficulty and content, but will include farming, fishing, and mining. Plant and sell 12 tomatoes in 1 hour, for example. Early events will commonly consist of only one scenario, but eventually players will have to travel from breach to breach in order to complete a challenge. Early breaches will be within a few hundred yards of each other, with later challenges spanning a few miles.

Of course the point of all these challenges is to earn points and see how you stack up against the best of the best. This is where the recently announced International Farmers League (IFL) comes into play. Successfully completing a challenge will earn the player points which will be added to the IFL leader board on The Shroud website. At the end of each month\'s competition, a winner will be crowned and rewarded with both in-game and real life prizes.

The full release of The Shroud is scheduled for later this spring. For more info check out the official site at www.shroudgame.com.

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