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Samurai Warriors is Gold: Website Even Better
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game: Samurai Warriors: State of War
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Koei
developer: Koei
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ESRB rating: T (Teen)
date posted: 09:41 AM Thu Feb 16th, 2006
last revision: 09:40 AM Thu Feb 16th, 2006

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Click to read.Koei\'s latest historical Asian brawler is heading to PSP in the very near future. Samurai Warriors: State of War has gone gold and is in production as you read this. In addition to announcing the impending launch, Koei also sends word of a revamped website for Samurai Warriors: State of War. The new site is sized and optimized for the PSP\'s small screen web browser. That is a nice touch for PSP owners, who can browse the web with the browser included on the handheld gaming system.

The Samurai Warriors website features PSP-specific downloads, including a game trailer formatted for the PSP and downloadable wallpapers that can be used on the PSP. Koei is doing the right thing targeting the platform so specifically, and they have obviously responded to issues voiced by gamers about their previous PSP release, Dynasty Warriors.

This time out, Samurai Warriors takes full advantage of the PSP\'s wide screen, and further enhancements have been made to the character development system and wireless multiplayer.

The story mode has been enhanced to allow players more control in building a character and progressing through a cohesive plot. Once one storyline is completed, the same character can be used to complete other stories.

There is now an additional strategy phase to the game, which seeks to add some variety to the action-oriented gameplay Koei\'s Warriors series is famous for. This should help Samurai Warriors break out of the hack and slash mold of its predecessors.

Finally, the new multiplayer features are interesting: Up to four players can compete, but they don\'t actually compete on the same battlefield. Rather, all of the players set up the battle, and then each plays the battle out on his/her own PSP. At the conclusion of the battle, each player\'s performance is ranked. Additional multiplayer modes incorporate different end goals and play elements.

Samurai Warriors: State of War is looking like the best of the Warriors games to come out for awhile now. We can\'t wait to get our hands on it when it ships to retail on March 8.

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