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Cult of Mithras Screens
game: Cult of Mithras
posted by: Shawn Rider
publisher: Strategy First
developer: Slitherine Strategies
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date posted: 09:51 AM Mon Feb 6th, 2006

Click to read.Slitherine Strategies recently hit GF! with the very respectable Legion Arena, a Roman-themed strategy war title with a shallow learning curve and some surprisingly good gameplay. Now, they are hard at work on Cult of Mithras, an expansion to Legion Arena that combines ancient history and ancient mythology. Now you\'ll pit Roman legions against armies of ghosts, shadow warriors, or fire demons, and fight for your gods as you battle your way to Elysium. Featuring enhanced graphics better than the original game, the latest screens from Cult of Mithras look great.

Cult of Mithras offers 35 new battles and seven new campaigns. There are seven new unit types, including the three mentioned above (fire demons, shadow warriors and ghost legions). A new storyline accompanies the game, and Sliterine claims that this time out the narrative is much more compelling.

Gameplay changes accompany the expansion, too. Battles are now linked, which prevents healing between each skirmish, adding another level of strategy to the game. Each unit now becomes even more valuable and generals will be more reluctant to make sacrifices.

Cult of Mithras is coming out this February for PC and requires a full version of Legion Arena to run.

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