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Xbox 360 ModChip Will Not Ship in Two Weeks (But Interesting to Hear About)
posted by: Aaron Stanton
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date posted: 12:06 AM Fri Jan 6th, 2006
last revision: 05:58 PM Fri Jan 6th, 2006

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Click to read.The Difference Between Sales and Preorders:

Canadian based modding website InfinityMods.com has posted that a modchip for the Xbox 360 is expected to be available for purchase within two weeks. Or at least that\'s what it sounds like.

Their homepage reads, \"XboX 360 Chip Received, and in testing, expect sales within 2 weeks!\"

This statement is somewhat easy to misinterpret. Many people reading this statement have mistakenly taken it to imply that an Xbox 360 modchip would be shipping within the next 2 weeks.

On their product information page for the modchip, a bit less obvious on the website, it actually states that InfinityMods expects to be accepting preorders within the next two weeks.

This is a bit of a damper for people excited about having a modified Xbox 360 any time soon. Preorder does not imply a time frame for actually shipping a product.

So the question is not whether a 360 chip will be available in two weeks (it won\'t be), but would you be wise to hand over your money for a preorder of a chip this early in the game?

According to InfinityMods, they have received an Xbox 360 chip called the I.C.E. ModChip, and are currently in the process of testing it. The site claims the chip will be sold for $69.99, have 20 to 30 wires to solder, and take roughly 25 minutes to install. The chip is supposedly able to \"direct boot backups, dumped isos, or full rips.\"

The legitimacy of these claims have yet to be verified.

The I.C.E. ModChip\'s website is still under construction, and was purchased on January 5th, 2006, only 3 days after InfinityMods.com first posted that they were testing the chip. It provides no useful information.

A quick Whois search of both domains reveals some interesting, but generally inconclusive information.

InfinityMods.com was purchased in April of 2005, and while there is some mention of them on the Internet, there is very little known about the company. This is important, since both icemodchip.com (the modchip\'s website) and infinitymods.com are most likely owned by the same people.

We know very little of any use. Whether or not there is really a Xbox360 modchip that\'s currently being tested and might be available for the 360 soon is not a question we can answer.

But here\'s what we know:


While there isn\'t enough information to be conclusive, we here at GamesFirst are very suspicious. Will there be a Xbox360 modchip in the next two weeks? Very, very doubtful. In fact, we\'re going to say no. Will a company start taking preorders in the next two weeks? Possibly. Would it be a good idea to give them your money? Hmmmm...

While we\'re willing to be proved wrong if this chip actually appears, we\'d be very surprised to see it any time soon. Since InfinityMods.com isn\'t known to be a developer of modchips, but primarily a supplier, it seems unlikely that they would be involved on the ground level of modchip development. Specifically, why would InfinityMods be responsible for purchasing and developing the ICE website? If an established team has really developed an Xbox 360 mod-chip, it would be considered unusual to have a single online retail site handle its distribution; most modchips can be purchased from a variety of sources.

Perhaps some phone-calls tomorrow will shed more light on the situation.

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