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Miyamoto Hiding More Revolution Secrets?
game: Revolution
posted by: George Holomshek
publisher: Nintendo
date posted: 08:48 AM Tue Dec 6th, 2005
last revision: 08:48 AM Tue Dec 6th, 2005

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Click to read.A number of higher-ups at Nintendo recently spoke at Japan\'s Digital Interactive Entertainment Conference, one of these being Shigeru Miyamoto himself. In his speech he once again touched on the possibilities of the Revolution controller and how Nintendo hopes to change the industry with it. However, the legendary creator did make one very intriguing and very blatant statement that there is yet another mystery surrounding the Revolution.

\"There\'s another secret,\" he says. \"But I\'m not going to go into that here. That\'ll be for a later date.\"

And with that he quickly ended his presentation and left the crowd in wonder of what in the world he could have been talking about. What could it be? More than likely nobody outside of the Big N knows. But there are a few potential areas where I would bet money.

Miyamoto may have been referring to the \"Virtual Console\" idea of the Revolution, allowing you to download Nintendo games from generations past. Perhaps the new ways to play your old favorites that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata mentioned? And of course there is the infamous comment Iwata made during his E3 \'05 speech, \"The advances in our technology will also relate to areas that have no direct bearing on gameplay.\" Again, nobody can be sure of what he was referring to, but it sure wasn\'t the controller.

Whatever he was talking about, Miyamoto has provided plenty of message board fodder until the next big revolution announcement arrives. Expect updates throughout the coming months culminating with a total unveiling at E3 in May. And of course we will be here for the whole ride, bringing you all the exciting news as it arrives.

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